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Pimiteoui Hiking Association! Velkommen! Bienvenido! Bienvenue!

Herzlich! Willkommen! Benvenuto! Croeso!



Who We Are...

The Pimiteoui Trail Association is a friendly hiking club based in Peoria, Illinois that meets bimonthly for social hiking events, within the local and regional area. Although our emphasis is on hiking, we sometimes gather for other outdoor recreational activities and social gatherings. We travel to places, the individual, in many cases, would not want to explore on their own. Our club has a spirit of adventure and a willingness to share knowledge about the great outdoors. We encourage like minded folks to join us for any event to see if the club is suitable for them.

Just A Little History...

Years ago there existed a Boy Scout camp (Camp Wokanda) and a Girl Scout camp (formerly located where Forest Park is now) in the Peoria area. Both were   situated along the western bluffs of the Illinois River, and both provided many opportunities for hiking through the surrounding woods and ravines. Over time some of these trails became overgrown or obliterated by developmentike

But some people did not forget. They envisioned creating a permanently maintained continuous trail from downtown Peoria north to Camp Wokanda.

Then change began to take place in the early 1980s. The Peoria riverfront began to be developed and Route 6 (a divided, multi-lane highway) was built. Thanks to those people who had foresight, a biking/hiking path was implemented into the riverfront plans and two culverts were placed under Route 6—the first one to allow the Rock Island Trail to pass under the highway and the second to be used at an unknown future date for another trail.

It was at this time that a group was formalized to support the development and use of such a trail. Thus the Pimiteoui Trail Association began.

Since then several sections have been built or incorporated from existing park trails. They include: 1) downtown to Abington St., 2) through Glen Oak Park into Springdale Cemetery, under Rt. 150 to Harvard St., 3) from lower Grandview Park, along Grandview Dr. to Glen Ave. 4) Grandview Dr. to Forest Park, 5) through Forest Park, 6) through Detweiller Park, 7) Robinson Park South, 8) Robinson Park North, 9) Camp Wokanda.

Our club continues to support the development and use of a continuous trail along the Illinois River bluffs.

Over time the Pimiteoui Trail Association has expanded its vision to promote members’ participation in various outdoor activities, especially hiking, in the many parks and preserves in central Illinois and neighboring communities.

We Like It Here!

The Peoria Metropolitan area is an active and flourishing community where parks, recreation and culture are an essential component of our commitment to a preferred place to live, visit, work, and play.

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Pimiteoui Hiking Club Officers...

Board of Directors

President - Dave Grebner

Vice President - Bonnie Jackson

Secretary - Angela Madison

Treasurer - Carol Raines

Newsletter Editor - Andy and Cheri Schull

Webmaster – John Jackson





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